Adding the web part

Once installed into your SharePoint Online tenant, you can easily add this web part at the top of your SharePoint modern page.

Headings and styles

Select your preferred heading type, enter in your chosen title and choose the preferred style that goes with your page design.

Navigation display

Customise your table of contents to scroll with the page, show back to top link, and enter your preferred back to top link text.

Always display mode

Different heading options

Toggle “Scroll navigation with page” On to enable the table of contents to always display on the side of your content.

For SharePoint modern pages

Use the Table of contents web part in a SharePoint modern page to help readers position directly to the information they are looking for.

At a glance, readers can see the headings and topics within the article and easily navigate lengthy pages.

Using a table of contents

  • Allows you to organise information on the page.
  • Helps readers to quickly scan the page headings.
  • Readers can quickly position to content by selecting the headings.

Nested headings

Headings are nested (e.g. Heading 2 under Heading 1 etc.) and indented progressively to easily outline topics and sub-topics.

Benefits of applying the Table of contents web part to long, content-rich pages:

  • Direct jumping to a topic or sub-topic without endless scrolling.
  • Helps navigate long content and build a mental model for the reader.
  • A more organized and professional looking page.

Table of contents web part makes it easy to manage your SharePoint modern page headings with simple styling options available.