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For SharePoint modern pages

Use the Table of contents web part in a SharePoint modern page to help readers position directly to the information they are looking for.

At a glance, readers can see the headings and topics within the article and easily navigate lengthy pages.

Using a table of contents

  • Allows you to organise information on the page.
  • Helps readers to quickly scan the page headings.
  • Readers can quickly position to content by selecting the headings.

Nested headings

Headings are nested (e.g. Heading 2 under Heading 1 etc.) and indented progressively to easily outline topics and sub-topics.

Benefits of applying the Table of contents web part to long, content-rich pages:

  • Direct jumping to a topic or sub-topic without endless scrolling.
  • Helps navigate long content and build a mental model for the reader.
  • A more organized and professional looking page.

Table of contents web part makes it easy to manage your SharePoint modern page headings with simple styling options available.


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