Microsoft Word

Real-time editing of SharePoint metadata in Microsoft Word 2016/2019/365 and online.

Microsoft Excel

Real-time editing of SharePoint metadata in Microsoft Excel 2016/2019/365 and online.

Dark mode

Help reduce digital eye strain in low-light conditions. Live Metadata supports your user theme preferences.

SharePoint field types

Complex fields types like managed metadata, people picker, picture fields and lookup fields are fully supported.

Mandatory fields

Mandatory fields are indicated using a red asterisk. No more “Required info” errors.

Live Metadata helps coordinate your document metadata in SharePoint by giving you direct access within your document.

Metadata is at the heart of content types, and content types are what makes SharePoint, SharePoint. Therefore, reliance on good metadata and taxonomies to drive business value in SharePoint is key to good document management.

Live Metadata is an Office add-in that supports editing SharePoint metadata during the document editing process. Simply load Live Metadata and start entering in your metadata for your document.

Live Metadata aims to make the user experience of managing metadata in SharePoint easy and intuitive. Allowing you to profile your documents at the time of editing by adding the metadata real-time.