Tasmanian logistics company selects DataSync to keep Employee details fresh in AD

Tasmania’s freight moves through many different ports and airports throughout the state. Our latest Tasmanian client values their employee HR data being kept current and updated in Active Directory so much so they invested in our DataSync product.

Qualitem’s DataSync product maintains employee attribute changes.  These changes are made from within the CHRIS21 HR system by the HR team.  Through complex business rules, DataSync extracts the employee attributes and data and carefully and securely updates the user’s Microsoft Active Directory profile.   This ensure that the employee information is kept up-to-date to the centralised authentication directory.

DataSync is a flexible and configurable turnkey solution that puts the power of synchronizing employee data in the hands of your IT staff.   IT staff can update and re-configured job definitions to ensure any new employee attributes or position information is carefully updated to the user’s AD account.

DataSync has a report mode which is able to run all synchronisation jobs before actually updating the user account, this allows for all jobs to be scrutinised carefully before the updates are applied.

If you require your user information from your HR system to be in sync with Active Directory, consider using DataSync to automate the process.

Please contact us at sales@qualitem.com or head to https://www.qualitem.com/datasync/ for more information.