Modern Modern Modern – are you aware?

Have you been hiding under a very large rock and if so, you may have missed the huge number of releases relating to SharePoint modern lately? 

Microsoft, in the last few months, have released a ton of modern features (or announcements at least).   

I love it but I guess I have a stake in modern experience through our Live Publish and Modernizer products.

Here are just some of the recent features released from Microsoft.

  1. Mega menus, banners etc –
  2. Converting classic site templates to modern –  (Enable-SPOCommSite)
  3. New modern page layouts – (Page templates)

Microsoft are directing all SharePoint Online and 2019 users to adopt modern (whether by choice or by stealth) and it is clear this is only getting hotter.   So if you have old classic content that needs modernizing and you have moved your content the SPO, please consider Modernizer for SharePoint as your preferred fully automated and supported page modernization product.

Please refer to for more information.