CentricMinds – Our newest Live Publish plug-in

Recently, one of our clients made the shift to CentricMinds from SharePoint 2010 Foundation as the tech was getting old and they were looking for an affordable, mobile friendly and easy to use system. As the service delivery partner for their SharePoint 2010 environment, we were asked to manage the transition. Not only were we honoured to be asked, we felt a responsibility to ensure the transition went smoothly given the long standing working relationship.

Being a Microsoft and SharePoint guy for as long as I can remember, I was a little disappointed with their move away from SharePoint, but I respected their decision. I was mildly sceptical at first, but I can honestly say that I am really impressed with how the CentricMinds product is designed and the ease of use for the end user. The level of support we received from CentricMinds was and continues to be second to none!

CentricMinds – the company

Headquartered in Melbourne, they have an A-list of Australian clients that obviously love their platform – well done guys!
My firm, Qualitem, recently opened an office in Melbourne and I met with CentricMinds to discuss the migration project of my client (SharePoint 2010 Foundation -> CentricMinds). In getting to know the CentricMinds team, it was clear that their product was extremely flexible and very easy to use. It’s no wonder our client was looking to adopt their platform. It was at this point I showed the team at CentricMinds the Live Publish add-in for Microsoft Word.

A synergistic relationship was born

I proposed that the Qualitem team build a Live Publish plug-in to support publishing to the CentricMinds platform. This would involve my team creating a new plug-in for Live Publish to allow CentricMinds users to create News articles using Microsoft Word and Live Publish.
The compelling thing about Live Publish is that it supports publishing from directly within Microsoft Word. Everyone loves editing content in Word, however, the process of publishing content involves cutting-and-pasting to the page editor widget and uploading of image content. Live Publish eliminates this step as it publishes directly from within Word through its one-click publishing process and does the heavy lifting for users.
I’m pleased to announce that Live Publish for CentricMinds is now available!


I love SharePoint and I don’t think this will ever change, however, if you are looking for an alternative that is an easy to use enterprise content management system with flexibility baked in, do yourself a favour and check out the CentricMinds Digitial Workplace solution at https://centricminds.com/

I was not paid by CentricMinds to write this article and have no financial interest in the CentricMinds product. Our product integrates with CentricMinds, just like it integrates with SharePoint and soon to support Drupal, WordPress and many other content services platforms (and I have no financial interest in any of these platforms either).

I’d finally like to thank the CentricMinds team for allowing us to partner with them.

For more information, please contact us at https://www.qualitem.com/contact-us