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For SharePoint modern pages

The Accordion heading web part enhances the content of your modern page and offers an easy way to manage and style your headings.

Use expandable and collapsible content sections that allow readers to condense the content by topic or heading. This makes it quick and easy for them to scan for the content that they are searching for and simply expand the chosen section to reveal the content.

Accordion headings help you to organise information on the page and help readers to quickly scan the page with topics. Allowing readers to have control over the content by expanding it or deferring it for later lets them decide what to read and what to ignore. Giving readers control is a human centered design approach.


  • Collapse and expand sections to minimizes scrolling.
  • Reduce the amount of information seen on the page.
  • Easy navigation of the page by grouping content into clickable sections.
  • Encourage readers to seek out content within the collapsed sections.
  • Make pages with a large amount of content less daunting.
  • Use as an alternative to page links by consolidating large content, keeping users on the same page.

Linking off to sub-pages can be problematic as it breaks people’s mental model of the content; clicking a link will load a new page and therefore disconnects from the original accordion content.