Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired uses Live Publish to for WordPress blog posts

Kathleen Callen, Program Specialist says “Live Publish is a great help in publishing our posts to WordPress. It is easy to use and saves a great deal of time and effort. As someone who is visually impaired, I find it especially helpful as I can do most if not all the formatting in Word which is much easier and efficient for me use.”

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Announcing Live Publish for WordPress Availability in AppSource

A couple of weeks ago we unveiled the ability to add WordPress sites in Live Publish, and today we are pleased to announce the availability of Live Publish for WordPress in Microsoft AppSource. WordPress is globally known as the most widely used content management system for hosting web sites.  Most people that have their [...]

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Exploring Live Publish for WordPress: The featured image

With the announcement of Live Publish for WordPress last week, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a couple of the features around how we handle images in WordPress. By creating a Featured Image in Microsoft Word, I will show how easy it is to use Word and Live Publish together to transform your [...]

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Introducing Live Publish for WordPress

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard on integrating WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress[i] with Live Publish – and now I’m glad to say… it’s finally here!!! For those that don’t know, Live Publish takes the pain out of publishing content online by enabling you to use Microsoft Word as your editing canvas. Word [...]

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