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Screen with Live Publish open

Use Microsoft Word to create beautiful and professional looking web pages.


Every CMS is different. We want to change that.

The same editing experience. Every time.

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Live Publish supports personalisation of settings so that every user can have unique settings to support their needs.

No site limit

Live Publish opens and publishes to your publishing provider and there is no limit to the number of sites a user can publish to.

girl selecting sites

One click publishing to your favourite CMS.

super woman

Create your content in Word like a pro.

Publish with the click of a button.


Relax. You are done!

Publish function

Live Publish seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, allowing you to create and maintain web content with the click of a button.

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man uploading image

Images and attachments

Uploading images and linked documents is easy with Live Publish. All images are optimised for the web and attachment links are referenced in the HTML automatically for you.

Metadata management

Live Publish supports the updating of metadata right within Microsoft Word. Metadata is saved once the document is published.

girl and data