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Cannot open pages


When trying to open a page using the Live Publish task pane add-in, an error message is displayed “Sorry, we couldn’t open ‘http://livepublish.qualitem.com/api/document/1/2/3/my-page.aspx.docx’.”
Sorry, we couldn't open 'http://livepublish.qualitem.com/api/document/1/2/3/my-page.aspx.docx'.

Why it is happening

Your internet settings are blocking Microsoft Word from opening documents provided by Live Publish because Live Publish is not a trusted by your computer.


Add the Live Publish domains to your trusted sites/intranet sites in internet options.

  1. Click Start and type in Internet Options to search for Internet Options.
    Start menu, search for internet options
  2. Select the Security tab and choose either Local intranet or Trusted sites.

    Note: depending on your setup only one of these options will work. If you are running Live Publish on premise in your local network, always choose Local intranet.

    Internet options security tab

  3. Click the Sites button.
    add trusted site
  4. Add the Live Publish domain to the list of sites. The domain you need to enter is the same as the one in the error message in Microsoft Word.
    For example if the URL in the error was http://livepublish.qualitem.com/api/document/1/2/3/my-page.aspx.docx then the domain is http://livepublish.qualitem.com/.
  5. Click OK on all dialogs.


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