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Editing legacy pages using Live Publish

With Qualitem Live Publish, you can open existing or legacy SharePoint Publishing and Wiki pages and edit them right within Microsoft Word. This is a cool feature if you enjoy the experience of using MS Word as a HTML editor over using SharePoint’s classic publishing editing process.

Live Publish will open MS Word, convert the HTML to a Word DOCX file and allow you to make your changes within Word and re-publish back to SharePoint as HTML.

The Open tab within the Live Publish panel will view your SharePoint libraries and published pages. By selecting a page and clicking on the Open button, Live Publish will convert the selected publishing page and open it in a new instance of MS Word containing the converted publishing page.

Once the selected page is converted and loaded in to the new instance of MS Word, you are free to make changes to the content and re-publish the page back to SharePoint using Live Publishes “Publish” tab process. Live Publish will attempt to load the panel in to the new Word document and position you to the SharePoint Publishing location.

Please note, the MS Word document will load in READ-ONLY mode, this is normal behaviour from MS Word as the MS Word document has not been saved anywhere in SharePoint or on your PC (new instance loaded in to memory). Press the Esc key to start modifying the MS Word document (although it will still be in read-only mode, edits will be possible). The Live Publish panel should load at this point, it should attempt to log you in and position you to the correct site and library. About read-only mode, this does not prohibit you from modifying the content and re-publishing to SharePoint so you need not be concerned about read-only mode.

If your published page contains images, Live Publish will load them in to the work document. Please note, Live Publish will not copy the images, pictures or attachments back to their original location after re-publishing and therefore multiple copies of your published images/attachment may exist – you may want to clean up the old ones in SharePoint. Live Publish will always publish the images and attachments to their nominated attachment libraries (separately configured within the Admin portal).

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