Live Publish is to Modern SharePoint what Transform is to Sway

Did you know that you could publish to Sway using Word in the same way we publish to SharePoint using Live Publish? Live Publish has supported this for SharePoint for 3+ years. I am thrilled that the Sway team has taken the same approach and has a Word add-in. This supports our view that [...]

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Modern pages – creating anchor links using Live Publish (with a major caveat)

Modern pages are a much simpler way to create pages in SharePoint. However, there’s a limitation at the moment that is being discussed over many forums that relates to the fact that anchor references and bookmarks cannot be added to headings within a modern page. Here is one such discussion with a couple of [...]

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CentricMinds – Our newest Live Publish plug-in

Recently, one of our clients made the shift to CentricMinds from SharePoint 2010 Foundation as the tech was getting old and they were looking for an affordable, mobile friendly and easy to use system. As the service delivery partner for their SharePoint 2010 environment, we were asked to manage the transition. Not only were [...]

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Modern Pages – now even easier!

SharePoint communication sites share news, reports, files, links, and other information in a modern dashboard approach to rolling up content. Communication sites are responsive and can be viewed from any device and are used to broadcast communication-based information out to organisational teams. For users that are constantly creating corporate communication for their teams in [...]

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Content Service Add-ins for SharePoint & Office 365 – part 1

This is part one of a three part series of how new add-ins (formerly apps) can improve content services in SharePoint & Office 365. Content Services There is a new kid on the block; gone are days of talking about Enterprise Content Management, it is all about Content Services now! Content Services is a very [...]

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Qualitem Live Publish – an overview

During the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, I was asked, so what’s the purpose of Live Publish for Word and SharePoint?  A perfectly legitimate question given we’re relatively unknown in the SharePoint space and that our app has been in the Office Store all of few weeks.  I guess this is precisely the reason for me travelling [...]

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