SharePoint – Content Governance Pyramid

I’m often asked about content governance in SharePoint; it is such a broad topic! I deal a lot with content services and content management is a focus area for me. I actually like the way SharePoint manages content and documents I encourage organisations to look to SharePoint for what I call, Controlled Document Management. [...]

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8 reasons to convert WORD and PDF to HTML

Given most content starts its life in WORD, that is where it tends to stay or it is saved as PDF in order to stop users from editing it. I love WORD for editing and printing and there’s no better toolset for authoring content. However, when it comes to publishing and viewing formats, we [...]

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Content Service Add-ins for SharePoint & Office 365 – part 1

This is part one of a three part series of how new add-ins (formerly apps) can improve content services in SharePoint & Office 365. Content Services There is a new kid on the block; gone are days of talking about Enterprise Content Management, it is all about Content Services now! Content Services is a very [...]

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Absolute Quality

Having worked in and around software development most of my life, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been responsible for a lot.  Some I’ve been very proud to be responsible for and some not so proud.  One of the things that we all strive for, but is not always achieved because of the pressures brought [...]

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