Live Publish is to Modern SharePoint what Transform is to Sway

Live Publish step-by-step

Did you know that you could publish to Sway using Word in the same way we publish to SharePoint using Live Publish? Live Publish has supported this for SharePoint for 3+ years.

I am thrilled that the Sway team has taken the same approach and has a Word add-in. This supports our view that Live Publish adds real value to SharePoint folks, even in the new SharePoint Modern world.

Transform your Word to Sway

Sway is a new Office 365 product that creates beautiful web pages for consumption on any device.
There are many use cases for Sway and these include:

  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Training materials
  • User manuals
  • Presentations

The Sway team has added a feature to Word Online that supports Word content being published to Sway, this is called the “Transform” feature and available through the File menu.

Live Publish and SharePoint Classic and Modern publishing

Live Publish has been using the same approach as the Sway team with our Live Publish add-in for Word for over 3 years.

With Live Publish, you can use the same approach and publish your Word content (articles, newsletters, training materials and manuals) to SharePoint as both classic and modern content.

Live Publish is an enterprise-ready content curation and publishing solution capable of delivering outstanding productivity benefits. It makes light work of difficult and cumbersome HTML publishing by leveraging the easiest and most familiar content editor on the market, Microsoft Word.

We also support metadata

We support metadata managed directly within the Word document. The user is then able to publish the metadata along with the HTML content to SharePoint with a single step publishing process.

Live Publish aims to make the user experience of creating and managing content easy and intuitive. To provide the best experience and support our one-step publishing process, we needed to provide our users with the ability to profile their content at the time of publishing; this meant allowing them to add the metadata real-time.


I am interested to see who is next and whether other teams will support this.

This supports our view that Live Publish adds real value to SharePoint folks, even in the new SharePoint Modern world.

Please check it out from the Office Store ( and our website at

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