Qualitem Live Publish – an overview

During the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London, I was asked, so what’s the purpose of Live Publish for Word and SharePoint?  A perfectly legitimate question given we’re relatively unknown in the SharePoint space and that our app has been in the Office Store all of few weeks.  I guess this is precisely the reason for me [...]

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Web Publishing for Sharepoint Foundation – Why?

You might ask, "Are you crazy? Why?" SharePoint Server already has web publishing, right? That’s’ right! But what about SharePoint Foundation clients?  There’s no way for SharePoint Foundation clients to publish web content easily and efficiently. You might be thinking (and I certainly hope not), what is SharePoint Foundation?             For   more   information  on  SharePoint   Foundation,  please   [...]

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Web Publishing for SharePoint Foundation – How?

You say building a Publishing toolset for SharePoint Foundation is a little crazy, maybe you’re right.  Regardless, we did it and it’s in and working for many customers globally. This is the 2nd article of a two part series covering the Qualitem Web Publisher, why and how. Please refer to “Web Publishing For SharePoint Foundation [...]

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Absolute Quality

Having worked in and around software development most of my life, I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been responsible for a lot.  Some I’ve been very proud to be responsible for and some not so proud.  One of the things that we all strive for, but is not always achieved because of the pressures brought [...]

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