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The Qualitem Workflow (QF) for SharePoint® Foundation is a flexible workflow facility used to “moderate” web content through a formal, step-by-step process of approval.

Selected users review the content for approval and decide whether the content should be made available. Alternatively, QW can manage the rejection of changes and will allow for the content to be re-published (and then marked for approval) at a later date.
QW has been built to support the web content publishing process. In addition, it can also be applied to any step-by-step, task-based approval process, for any list or document library in SharePoint®.
As you would for SharePoint® publishing, you can assign the QW to allow many approvers to review and approve/reject web content changes. When this feature is used for Web Publishing, the web content is made available for all to review, upon approval.
QW adds significant value to Microsoft SharePoint® Foundation and raises the bar to a new level for industry Content Management System and Publishing products.
SharePoint® Foundation customers now have the opportunity to build and manage detailed approval of content via this rich and robust workflow facility. With our easy install process, QW is installed quickly and easily across one or many site collections to give you the power of approving content using workflow, whether that be web pages or list-based content; QW is able to be leveraged on the SharePoint®
Foundation platform.


  • Easily create, edit and save approval workflows.
  •  Flexible parallel or serial workflows.
  •  Supports the Publishing Approval of document and lists.
  •  Supports the Publish and Expiry dates for documents and lists.
  •  Supports a fully customisable Approval Workflow with email notification to help manage the approval process.
  • Easy installation.


The following feature comparison table shows the difference between the Qualitem Workflow (QW), SharePoint® Foundation 2010 (SPF 2010) and SharePoint® 2010’s Publishing Feature-Workflow (SPS 2010 PFW).

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