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The Qualitem Feeds for SharePoint® is a flexible way of caching feeds from the internet into SharePoint®.

In SharePoint®, external feeds (e.g. RSS) can be imported into web parts to display a consolidated view from multiple sources of data into one location. However, this can lead to poor performance and overall increased network traffic through the use of too many feeds.
Feeds addresses this issue by allowing for centrally managed (cached) feeds, scheduling their refresh frequency and exposing these feeds within the SharePoint® environment locally, saving bandwidth.
SharePoint® customers now have the opportunity to cache feed data down on to their SharePoint® environment, improving the user experience when viewing feed data. Qualitem Feeds retrieves the Feed data once and regardless of whether the Feed is up or not, Qualitem Feeds will present the last known Feed to the user.
With our easy install process, Qualitem Feeds is installed quickly and easily across one or many site collections to give you the power of feed caching on the SharePoint® platform.


  • Improving performance of feeds (e.g. RSS):
    – Localise feed data within SharePoint® site.
    – Sychronises with feed source based on feed sync setting.
    – Support for aggregating multiple feeds into one web part.
  •  Easy access to stored RSS feed data:
    – A SharePoint® web service for subscribing to the feed data.
    – Support for XML web part.
  • Easy Administration and Configuration:
    – Fully integrated with Central Administration – can be activated on multiple site collections within a single web application.
    – A Site Collection specific Feed Manager configuration page where the site collection feeds can be added, modified and removed.
    – Supported by a SharePoint® timer job. This iterates all site collections where the Feed Manager has been activated and downloads the feed data at regular intervals to store in SharePoint®.
  • Supports aggregating multiple feeds.


The following feature comparison table shows the difference between the Qualitem Feeds, SharePoint® Foundation 2010/2013 and SharePoint® Server 2010/2013.

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