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Tab Rollup

Most dynamic organizations have content stored in multiple locations and need to aggregate content into a single view.

The Qualitem Tab Rollup web part for SharePoint® is a flexible content aggregator that supports both SharePoint® lists and XML content.
Tab Rollup can be used to retrieve content recursively from a site collection and display it as HTML.
Tab Rollup adds significant value to Microsoft SharePoint® and raises the bar to a new level for industry Content Management Systems.


  • Aggregating content from single or multiple lists.
  • Exposing content in multiple locations across  your site using one single source.
  • Flexibility in the presentation of content through XML and CAML.
  • CAML builder to define better and more relevant queries.
  • Debug mode to expose rendered XML.
  • Audience targeting for SharePoint®, through the use of permissions.
  • XML over HTTP that supports proxy server details.
  • Template Rendering (Handlebar).
  • Pagination.
  • Easy installation.


The following feature comparison table shows the differences between the Qualitem Tab Rollup and SharePoint®’s native features.

Product brochure:

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